There’s nothing like Sunil Grover is QUITTING the show: Kapil Sharma clears the air

Kapil Sharma rubbishes reports of Sunil Grover quitting his comedy show, The Kapil Sharma Show. There were reports of how Sunil and Kapil got into a fracas on a flight while returning from Australia where they had gone on a tour.

Kapil apparently abused Sunil verbally and physically as a result of which, the latter is said to have quit the show. When asked about it Kapil said, “When you are working together for so long .. some time it (fight) happens.. people should not make this a big issue. Just because our show is going well, some bad people try to pull you down by pulling your legs. Sunil knows me very well, we love and respect each other. Some time you argue with your siblings, but it doesn’t means that you hate each other.”

So, is Sunil quitting TKSS? Kapil explains, “Sunil is out for a show. I spoke to him and we are meeting once he is back. There is nothing like he is quitting the show. This is our show, not mine alone. I always believe in team work,” adding, “I work without any contract with my team because they love me and I love them.”

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