Sonakshi Sinha takes cue from scribes

Sonakshi Sinha is all set to star as a spunky, vivacious journalist residing in Mumbai in her upcoming movie Noor, alongside funny-man Kanan Gill, who’s making his feature film debut, Purab Kohli.

At the trailer launch of the movie, Sonakshi said that she felt a sort of camaraderie with the media present there. “I’ve interacted with you all so much all these years, and I’ve learned a lot. My character, Noor, is a journalist and wants to do serious journalism,” she explained.

“Honestly, whatever knowledge I applied in the film for my role has come from you all. I thank each and every one of you for helping me do my research. All the credit goes to my director and writers for portraying such a powerful character on canvas,” she said, addressing the media.

When asked about the disturbing things she reads about herself, Sonakshi laughed and said, “ I’ve forgotten the count. It’s all part and parcel of the business we’re in. Everything happens for a reason, and you need to have the strength to move on.”

The film is set to release on April 21 and will also feature a revamped version of the cult hit song, Gulabi Aankhen. Noor is based on the bestseller, Karachi, You’re Killing Me!

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