Salman levels with me, like a friend: Hrithik Roshan

The last time Hrithik Roshan was seen on Bigg Boss was three years ago, to promote Bang Bang (2014). He will be seen today (along with Yami Gautam) during the BB10 finale. All it took was a phone call from Salman Khan to make the Kaabil actors rush to the BB sets in Lonavla.

Says Hrithik, “It’s going to be great to meet Salman on the BB10 sets. The last time I went there was on a weekday and I didn’t get a chance to meet him. While I haven’t had the chance to watch this season as I was involved in the post-production of Kaabil, I am looking forward to the finale today! It will be exciting! I always look forward to any kind of meeting with Salman and it’s not just because he’s a big star but as meeting him is always a lot of fun.

While he’s always been one of my mentors and seniors, I think Salman is probably the only person I can speak to, on the same level. Salman allows me to speak to him like a friend, like we’re equals and that is his graciousness and humility. He never speaks to me like he knows more than me, but levels with me like a friend, man-to-man, and that is his greatness. It was very sweet of Salman to call me on the show. After he called, I told dad (Rakesh Roshan) about it.”

Hrithik and Salman reminisced about the time the super star had watched his debut film. “Salman spoke about the time he had watched Kaho Naa Pyar Hai. He watched the film standing up for three hours as there were no seats available, with his hands on my shoulder. At the end of the film during the climax he turned to me looked at me and said ‘You will be unstoppable’. He’s going to watch Kaabil soon and has told me that he has decided to stand again and watch it.”

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