Salman Khan wears Tiger Sultan

That tiger painted on Salman Khan’s jacket seen last week on Bigg Boss 10 is actually of a real one named Sultan who lives in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve National Park. The jacket has been designed by Bina Kak and created by Rohit Kamra.

Designer-stylist Ashley Rebello, who regularly collaborates with Khan’s sister, Alvira Agnihotri, and crafted the idea behind the jacket, tells us, “Bina is a friend and animal activist. She has known Sultan since he was a cub. She had the jacket designed and sent to Salman.” Says Ashley, “I have tried to adapt the show’s dual identities intact. When Salman takes off the jacket, he’s a common man and when he wears it, he’s a celebrity. We have been using different designers for creating the jackets.”

Will the jackets ever be auctioned off for charity? “The clothes are the property of the channel and we have asked them a few times about it. Till now, they haven’t agreed. We are hopeful that some day they will,” concludes Rebello.

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