Salman Khan Productions is going to recreate Indo-Western history on big screen

Salman Khan Productions is going to recreate Indo-Western history on big screen. The actor has agreed to collaborate with Toronto-based Indian tycoon Dr Ajay Virmani to make a historical film titled Lions Of The Sea. The story is based on the celebrated 1914 incident when the Japanese ship Kamagata Maru sailed with more than 349 Sikh passengers to Canada but was denied entry. Irrfan Khan will play the stellar role of the Sikh lawyer Gurdit Singh who fought for those passengers’ right to enter the country.

At a time when Donald Trump has unleashed an unprecedented backlash against ethnic races and the politics of racial exclusion in America, the saga of the valorous Sikhs who attempted to sail into Canada 102 years ago acquires a renewed relevance. That’s what Khan may have felt when he heard about the project and immediately expressed a desire to climb on board. Says Virmani, “It’s an honour to partner with Salman and SKF once again to ensure this historic story which has challenged many racial laws in the western world is finally being told. We were pleased and humbled that the honourable prime minister Justin Trudeau earlier this year recognised and apologised in the House of Commons for the unjust treatment committed against these migrants. We are excited to announce this production will commence in 2017 as we celebrate Canada, its diversity as well as its 150th anniversary.” This film will be co-produced by Vinay Virmani and Pauline Dhillon.

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