This picture of Lisa Haydon FLAUNTING her baby bump is BREAKING the internet!

Lisa Haydon is turning out to be one sexy mommy-to-be! Ever since announcing her pregnancy in January, Haydon has been posting one picture after the other of her baby bump, even into her professional photo shoots in the most classy way possible. And now, she has posted another picture that has gone viral on social media.

Haydon shared a picture on her Instagram account of her lounging in her bath tub, taking a nice long soak. The bubbles, strategically placed, do just enough to reveal her glistening baby bump as she lounges in the water reading a magazine and letting the light pour in through the window in front of the tub. Haydon is the picture of luxury and beauty in this post, despite us not being able to even see her face here.


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Haydon has constantly been sharing posts of her new figure, and proudly shows off her baby bump, beginning with the grand manner in which she announced it in January. This may just be the ‘mother’ of all pregnancy photos.

Humble beginnings 🙏👶💞

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