Karan Johar REVEALS he was present at the shaadi of the ‘love of his life’!

Karan Johar recently revealed that he has attended a wedding in which the love of his life was getting married to someone else. Karan spoke about it at the India Today Conclave.

When asked about the dramatic elements in Bollywood movies, Karan said, “People say Hindi films are theatrical and dramatic, but somewhere its roots are in real life. I have been at a shaadi ka mandap when the love of my life was getting married to somebody else… When it happens to you, you feel like you can’t get over what’s happening to you.A happy marriage in the industry would really jolt me. I’d be like, ‘You’re a dinosaur, get out of here.’”

Further, when he was quizzed about what would he pick if given a choice between money and true love, he quipped saying, “True love goes away, lust takes over at times, so I would be rich and single.”

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